Alarming endocrine diseases – diabetes and metabolic disorders are on the rise

Endocrine diseases – diabetes and metabolic disorders are increasing rapidly, causing a lot of burden for patients and their families.
September 10, in City. Da Nang, Hospital 199 (Ministry of Public Security) and the Endocrine – Diabetes Association of the Central region organized the 14th expanded scientific conference of Endocrinology – Diabetes – Metabolic Disorders of the Central Region – Central Highlands.

Dr. Quach Huu Trung – Director of Hospital 199 (Police Department) shared: “Currently, endocrine diseases – Diabetes and metabolic disorders, especially Diabetes with Many dangerous complications are increasing rapidly, causing a lot of burden for patients and their families, affecting socio-economic development.

That reality is very alarming, posing many challenges and solutions for us. In particular, training to improve professional capacity and continuously update medical knowledge through training sessions, seminars, and specialized scientific conferences for participating medical staff Medical examination and treatment specialized in Endocrinology – Metabolism and prevention are very necessary.

The purpose is to provide good treatment management for patients with Endocrinology-Diabetes-Metabolic disorders, contributing to fulfilling the goals of diabetes prevention activities-Prevention of disorders caused by I deficiency. -ot”.

Doctor Truong Van Trinh – Deputy Director of the Da Nang Department of Health said that in Da Nang in recent years, the Endocrinology-Diabetes specialist network system is still uneven and faces many difficulties in training. create and develop specialized, high-quality human resources, especially at the district-ward level.

“Endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders, of which diabetes is a common chronic disease, are increasing rapidly. In that context, training and updating medical knowledge involves Continuing, improving professional qualifications for medical staff in the Endocrinology-Diabetes department is very necessary,” said Dr. Trinh.

At this conference, experts and scientists shared and evaluated scientific research activities and treatment of specialized diseases in the Central – Central Highlands region. At the same time, through the conference, we also update knowledge and exchange experiences from domestic and international experts.

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